our food

We produce a selection of starters and main courses. The dishes are blast-frozen after precise cooking, to ensure perfect delivery and maximum quality. We have something for every taste, from simple dishes to restaurant menu entrees and delicious desserts.

Our dishes are made using a technique known as ‘sous-vide’ – a method which originated fifty years ago in France with Georges Pralus. Raw ingredients are vacuum sealed and then cooked slowly at a precisely controlled temperatures, locking in the juices and flavours, maximising the tenderness and greatly enhancing the flavour of the finished dish. The sous-Vide process not only delivers high quality, but superb consistency as well.

We proudly make our products using classic chefs’ skills and they are hand-made to ensure that they have the consistency and quality that we demand. We believe that they are the best fully-cooked, ready to heat and eat dishes available.